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Saturday, February 22, 2020

Mike at Sling Central is getting close to installing the dash permanently and putting on the windscreen.  Exciting!

Some new pics.

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Got some more pictures from Sling Central today.  Making good progress!

They primed and painted black the parachute handle mounting plate.  Looks good!

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Got some pics today from Sling Central.

The current thinking is that the plane will be flight ready within 4 weeks, so I'm looking into flights to go down then to meet with the DAR.  Not booking though until we're closer.

Saturday, February 15, 2020

Spent Monday through Friday morning in Oklahoma visiting the plane, meeting the FAA DAR and doing a bit of flying.  That went well, going through all the paperwork.  The plane is already registered as I sent that paperwork in several weeks ago.  My paperwork was all in order (lots of it!!).

He did say he'd like me there when he does the final inspection when it's flight ready, so that means an extra trip to OK between now and when I go pick it up.

I was hoping to do enough flying to shake the rust off my flying skills and do my flight review, but unfortunately the weather did not cooperate.  I'll have to figure out how/where I'm going to do that now.

My first glimpse of the plane.

The FAA DAR going over my paperwork.  All good to go!

Doing a quick look at the plane.  He'll do a thorough inspection when it's flight ready.

With my iPad Pro in the mount and running Foreflight.  Looks good!  The iPad has a super high-res screen so it's really great looking.

Close-up of the iPad.

Does this go here?? ;-)

Mike Black of Sling Central.  Good guy!  If you want a Sling, they're the dealer to go with!

Running the excellent app MyRadar.  Obviously that would only run on the ground since it needs a data connection.

Mike and I flying in their Sling 2.  Fun!  Hey, my flying skills weren't too bad.  I managed to do 360's in each direction and hold the altitude within about 20 feet.  I'll give some credit to the Sling though since it's easy to fly.

Oklahoma - Pretty flat!

Fuel selector installed and all connected.

Here's a shot of Vergil, a 747 driver for Atlas Air, working on his Sling TSi in the Sling Central shop.  The Slings seem to be very popular with airline pilots!

Friday, February 7, 2020

Panel was powered up today!  And no smoke. 😁

Dash/Panel are in and they're getting very close to powering it up!  Mostly just tying things up.

Unfortunately, in the process of checking things, they found discrepancies between what SteinAir wired and how my plane was already wired.  It seems that despite my large effort to inform SteinAir how things were already wired, the panel builder went by how they wanted to do it...  This resulted in some rewiring and new wiring and that meant lots of unexpected time.

If you're going to have a panel built for you, make sure the entire wiring system is done by them and a full schematic is included.  This includes the complete charging system.  Soup-to-nuts.

Being a super early builder in this case worked against me because when I was starting to work on the wiring, there were no Sling-specific panel builders in the US.

I will be in Norman, OK next week to meet with the FAA rep for the paperwork and to fly Sling Central's Sling 2 to get my currency back.  Can't wait to see the plane!

Thursday, January 30, 2020

It's been awhile since an update, but right now Sling Central is just checking and re-checking the wiring before installing the dash/panel and powering up.  Should be done this week along with the windshield install.

Just a few pictures.